Facet Fuel Pumps | A Buyers Guide (2023)

Facet Fuel Pumps – A quick guide to Purolator solid state electric Facet pumps

Facet Fuel Pumps | A Buyers Guide (1)

Applications: Classic Cars & Motorcycles /Motorsport/ Carburettor / Road and Fast Road / Industry

Categories: Cube, Cylinder, Posi-Flo and Duralift.

Facet Metal Cube Pumps - Our Top Sellers (574a fuel pump)
Facet Fuel Pumps | A Buyers Guide (2)

The 40104, 40105, 40106 and 40107 cube pumps are a popular upgrade for failing mechanical pumps on classic cars. They are used for both road and Motorsport applications.

Customers often ask us what the difference is between these pumps. From the table below it can easily be seen that the differences are in the flow rates and the pressures.

Facet Cube Pumps

Part Number: 40104

Part Number: 40105

Part Number: 40106

Part Number: 40107

Type: Cube

Type: Cube

Type: Cube

Type: Cube

Volts: 12

Volts: 12

Volts: 12

Volts: 12

Max/Min: 4.0 - 1.5

Max/Min: 4.5 - 3.0

Max/Min: 7.0 - 4.0

Max/Min: 10.0 - 7.0

GPH: 25

GPH: 30

GPH: 32

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GPH: 34

Positive Lead:

Positive Lead:

Positive Lead:

Positive Lead:

Negative Lead: Ring

Negative Lead: Ring

Negative Lead: Ring

Negative Lead: Ring

Fuel Filter Fitting: 1/8 - 27 INT

Fuel Filter Fitting: 1/8 - 27 INT

Fuel Filter Fitting: 1/8 - 27 INT

Fuel Filter Fitting: 1/8 - 27 INT

Check Valve: N

Check Valve: N

Check Valve: N

Check Valve: N

These 12 volt negative earth pumps have a dry prime height of 12 vertical inches and is best mounted both close to and level with the tank. Gravity feeding is even better.

The pressure (psi) on Facet pumps goes up concurrently with the flow rates. Many carbs operate around 2.5 – 3 psi so when greater fuel flow is required and a higher psi pump is selected a pressure regulator such as Malpassi is often installed at the same time.

These pumps do not have check valves to prevent fuel returning back through the system when the vehicle is not operational. This is rarely an issue for classic cars and motorsport applications. The pump is self-priming meaning that fuel is supplied as soon as the ignition is turned on.For diesel lift pumps or for when it is desirable to prevent poor cold starting by ensuring the fuel levels are not drained from the float chamber & lines then 40254, 40288 and 40289 pumps have built in check valves to guard against flow back. These pumps also have higher dry prime height than other cube pumps

All Facet pumps are continuous operation and will carrying on ticking away even when they have reached full pressure. Unlike older style Interruptor pumps, modern Facets do no slow down or stop when they reach pressure

It is recommended to pre-filter Facet cube pumps. Facet fuel filter FPA906 is designed to screw directly into the pump and accommodate 8mm ID fuel hose. Alternately, an in-line filter such as Sytec’s Pro Flow glass filter is available with 6mm, 8mm or 10mm tails.

Facet cube pumps are also popular in carb motorcycle fast road and race applications. African Twins and KTM 950s are often sporting electric pump upgrades; 40171, 40104 and 40105 [low pressure].

Cube pump measurements / diagram / schematic:
Facet Fuel Pumps | A Buyers Guide (3)

Facet Posi-FloPumps
Facet Fuel Pumps | A Buyers Guide (4)

The black hosed Posi-Flopump is the updated version of the Facet cube. Internally the pump is the same, the external black plastic housing offers more compact design that dampens the noise of these pumps. Although at 65 decibels it still lets you know that it is working.

The 60104, 60106 and 60107 are our best selling Posi-Flow units. Just like their cube brothers they are 12v negative earth and without built in check valve.

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Part Number
















Pressure (Psi)




Flow:- US Gallons/Hr




Dry Prime Height Metres



(Video) Fitting an Electric Fuel Pump on my Austin Healey Sprite


Thread Size nptf




For PurolatorPosipumps with a built in check valve and higher dry prime see 60300, 60301 and 60302. Pumps with built in check valves are particularly useful for diesel lift applications

Posi-flow pumps measurements / diagram / schematic:
Facet Fuel Pumps | A Buyers Guide (5)

Facet Cylindrical Pumps - Gold Flo

Facet Fuel Pumps | A Buyers Guide (6)

Tabled below are our cylinder top sellers for Classic Car and carburettorMotorsportapplications. These external fuel pumps are popular for both road and race, rally, track use. These pumps have a dry prime height of 24 inches.




Part Number: 476087E

Part Number: 476459E

Part Number: 480532E

Type: Gold-Flo

Type: Gold-Flo

Type: Gold-Flo

Volts: 12

Volts: 12

Volts: 12

Psi Max/Min: 5.5 - 4.0

Psi Max/Min: 7 - 6

Psi Max/Min: 8.0 - 6.5

GPH: 36

GPH: 32

GPH: 45

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Fuel Filter Fitting: 1/8 - 27 NPT

Fuel Filter Fitting: 1/8 - 27 NPT

Fuel Filter Fitting: 1/4 - 18 NPT

Lift Min: 24"

Lift Min: 24"

Lift Min: 24"

Check Valve: N

Check Valve: N

Check Valve: N

Internal Fuel Filter: 74U

Internal Fuel Filter: 74U

Internal Fuel Filter: 74U

Schematic for Facet Cylinder Pumps

Facet Fuel Pumps | A Buyers Guide (7)

Frequently Asked Questions

Should the pump ever turn off?
The pump will always stay running as long as power is supplied.

Can fuel be pulled through the pump when the pump is off?
Yes, providing that you choose a part number that does not have an internal positive shut off valve.

Where is the part number located?
You can find the Facet® part number located on Solid State and GOLD-FLO® fuel pumps stamped on the mounting bracket, with two or three numbers on each side of the bolt hole. This number usually starts with a 40...

The POSI-FLO® and DURA-LIFT® fuel Pumps have the full part number dot-peened on the black housing.

How may amps does the Facet® fuel pump require to operate properly?
All Facet® low pressure fuel pumps 12v or 24v require an 5 Amps source to perform correctly. The DC average is 1.4 amps.

What size fuse should I use to install the Facet® fuel pump?
We recommend you install a 3AMP fuse to every installation.
Yes, All our low pressure fuel pumps can pump Gas or Diesel fuels.

Can I mount the pump in my car's engine compartment?
We recommend that you mount the fuel pump no more that 12 inches from the fuel supply (gas tank). All our Electronic fuel pumps will push fuel rather than pull fuel. Some pumps only have suction limit of 12 inches, therefore you should mount as close as possible to the tank.Each pump has a "dry lift" rating which must not be exceeded or the pump will starve.

Operating Temperature Range for Low Pressure Pumps?
Our pump are designed to operated in ambient temperatures of -40F to 180F.

How much fuel should be in the Dura-lift filter bowl during normal operation?
Due to the differential pressure between the interior area of the filter and the exterior area (between filter OD and bowl) and the sealing qualities of the upper filter gasket, you may observe a difference in the height of the fluid in the bowl of our pump. In addition, any other variable that affects the differential pressure will also affect fluid height, i.e. partially clogged filter. The more the differential pressure the lower the level in the bowl.

In any case, the fluid height cannot be higher than the pick-up, and the pick-up of the pump is 1/2 lower than the top of the filter and bowl. In a worse case scenario, the fluid is always traveling through the filter for proper filtration.

I just opened my new Facet pump and an oily fuel like substance came out. Did you sell me a used pump?

Your pump is 100% brand new.The substance is not petrol or diesel it is a special light solvent which will not harm your vehicle. Facet tests every pump prior to shipping, and some of the substance remains inside the pump.

(Video) Triumph TR6 BOSCH PI fuel pump upgrade explained


Positive Earth Pumps - Facet no longer manufactures positive earth pumps. All Facet pumps are now either 12v or 24v negative earth.With the help of an auto electrician, it is reasonably straightforward to install a negative earth pump on a positive earth vehicle.

DISCLAIMER ALERT: The following information is for guidance only. It is not intended as an installation instruction. CONSULT AN AUTO-ELECTRICIAN BEFORE INSTALLING A NEGATIVE GROUND PUMP ON A POSITIVE GROUND VEHICLE. We are not auto-electricians and we do not offer installation advice for positive ground applications
Facet Cube & Posi-Flo Pumps - Two Wired Pumps
Electrical fuel pumps with two wires are reasonably straightforward to fit to positive earth vehicles [CONSULT AUTO-ELECTRICIAN to learn how to reverse the wires and earth the body of the pump]Facet Cylindrical Pumps - Single Wired Pumps
Single wire pumps must be isolated. This can be achieved by using the FACET FUEL PUMP MOUNTING RUBBERS FPA905 to insulate the body of the pump from the chassis [CONSULT AN AUTO-ELECTRICIAN to learn how to connect the positive wire from the pump to the chassis and the car's power lead to the pump]


Which fuel pump brand is best? ›

Best Fuel Pumps Reviews & Recommendations 2021
  • Best Overall. TopScope Fuel Pump. Check Latest Price. ...
  • Best Value. Yoneda Electric Fuel Pump 12V. ...
  • Best for GMC/Chevy Trucks. ECCPP Fuel Pump. ...
  • Most Versatile. JDMSpeed Universal 12V Heavy Duty Electric Fuel Pump. ...
  • Honorable Mention. Carter P4594 In-Line Electric Fuel Pump.
Jun 15, 2021

Where are Facet fuel pumps made? ›


Since 1950, Motor Components has design and manufactured Facet® and Purolator® electronic fuel pumps in Elmira, NY, USA an ISO 9001-2015 facility.

How many amps does a Facet fuel pump draw? ›

How much amperage do Facet pumps draw? The low-pressure Facet fuel pumps draw an average 1.5 Amps. Specifically, the Cube Style average 1.4 Amps, the Posi-Flo average 1.6 Amps, the Gold-Flo (cylindrical) average 1.6 Amps, and the Dura-Lift average 1.4 Amps.

How do I choose a fuel pump? ›

The amount of horsepower that your engine has will determine how much fuel flow is required to support that engine. As horsepower increases so does the volume of fuel required to support that power. A good estimator of volume to power is approximately 10 hp per gallon or 2.64 hp per liter.

Does it matter what fuel pump you use? ›

As long as a fuel pump provides the Flow Rate your engine needs at the pressure your Fuel Injected or Carbureted system requires, it will work just fine. It is just a matter of deciding which one works best for your installation.

Are aftermarket fuel pumps any good? ›

Better Quality Materials. Buying an aftermarket fuel pump is a huge gamble. Many aftermarket parts are built with inferior materials to help the manufacturers save a few bucks. Even if you find an aftermarket fuel pump, it's likely that it won't fit your car well and perform optimally with it.

How do you test a facet electric fuel pump? ›

Facet 40106 fuel pump pressure check. - YouTube

What is a facet fuel pump? ›

Facet fuel pumps have low power requirements (about 1 amp at 12 volts) and operate without troublesome seals or diaphragms. The compact Cube Style pumps are designed for moderate fuel requirements, typically feeding engines up to about 150 horsepower.

What is posi flow? ›

The PosiFlow Feed Verification Sensor can help you identify whether the pump is pretending to pump or actually pumping chemical into the application. 2. The PosiFlow detects the flow of liquid output by the pump with no moving parts.

How do you wire a fuel pump to an ignition switch? ›

How to Wire Electric Fuel Pump Relay to a Switched Power Circuit

What does dry lift mean? ›

A: Dry suction lift refers to the pump needing to draw in the fluid from below the level of the pumps inlet. This means that the pump has to develop enough negative pressure (vacuum) to pull the fluid up the siphon tube and suction hose into the pump.

What does a low pressure fuel pump do? ›

Mechanical pumps run off of the motion of the engine; a diaphragm mounted to the outside of the fuel tank expands and contracts, creating a low-pressure system that forces the fuel out of the tank and into the engine.

What are the 3 types of fuel pumps? ›

Mechanical, electric, and high-pressure fuel pumps are the three types of fuel pumps. A fuel pump is a fluid handling device that moves gasoline from the fuel tank to the engine. It's often found in internal combustion engines.

Can a fuel pump be too big? ›

Too big of a cam for your combination will cause a loss of low end torque and make drivability suffer. Such is the case with fuel pumps, to some degree.

Does a better fuel pump increase horsepower? ›

The technical answer is yes; fuel injectors can add 10 extra horsepower at peak. However, for some car owners, that minimal difference does not offset the increased cost and complexity of switching to fuel injectors or upgrading the existing stock fuel injectors.

What psi should my fuel pump be? ›

Required fuel pressure can vary depending on your vehicle's engine and fuel system. Carbureted engines may require as little as 28 kPa (4 PSI), while modern multipoint fuel injected high-performance engines can require as much as 414 kPa (60 PSI).

Does changing fuel pump improve performance? ›

Cleaning the gas tank will not only improve engine performance, but it will also lead to better fuel economy so you pay less at the pump – a goal of most vehicle owners.”

How much horsepower will a 340LPH fuel pump support? ›

The AEM 340LPH High Flow In-Tank Fuel Pump (PN 50-1000) flows 340 lph (84 gph) at 40 PSI and is capable of supporting over 1,000 HP at 43 PSI.

How long do OEM fuel pumps last? ›

Fuel pumps have been known to last for over 200,000 miles in some cases. After 100,000 miles, the failure of the pump is likely enough that if you are replacing a major part in the fuel system nearby, it may be advantageous to replace it at the same time.

Does Delphi make good fuel pumps? ›

Independent test results prove the superior quality of Delphi aftermarket fuel pumps. In an extensive durability test, Delphi fuel pumps were the only units still running without failure at the conclusion of the testing.

Are electric fuel pumps better than mechanical? ›

-When do you need an electric fuel pump? Usually, a mechanical pump is preferred over an “aftermarket” electric fuel pump. They tend to be more reliable. However, sometimes that won't work.

How do I check if my fuel pump is working? ›

Listen for the fuel pump: Put your ear near the fuel tank and have an assistant turn the ignition key to the “on” position. The fuel pump should make an audible noise if it's working properly.

How do you check a fuel pump without a pressure gauge? ›

The simplest way is to just listen for the hum of the fuel pump when you first turn your car on. You can also use an OBD II scanner. Testing your fuel pressure without a gauge is always going to be a bit imprecise and you should get a gauge as soon as it's convenient.

How do I test an electric fuel pump with a multimeter? ›

How to Test Fuel Pump with a Multimeter and How to Tell it is Bad ...

What is an interrupter fuel pump? ›

Formerly known as interrupter type pumps, these heavy duty pumps can be fitted to the front or rear of the car and should not be mounted higher than 600mm from the bottom of the fuel tank.

What is a vapor locked engine? ›

Vapor lock happens when your fuel boils in your carburetor or your fuel line. Vaporized fuel creates back pressure in your fuel system and prevents gas from getting to your engine. It commonly occurs when a car has been idling or has been turned off and then back on.

What is a solid state fuel pump? ›

Solid State (cube) Pump

The pumps run constantly and will click even when full pressure has been reached and no fuel is flowing to the carbs. The pumps have a maximum lift of 30cms so must be fitted near the level of the fuel tank. The ports are 1/8NPT and the inlet should be fitted with a filter union.

What fuel pumps are made in USA? ›

Heavy Duty Fuel Pumps Made in the USA
  • CASE IH® Fuel Pumps. Made in the USA pumps to replace your CASE IH® Applications. ...
  • Cummins® Fuel Pumps. Made in the USA pumps to replace your Cummins® applications. ...
  • Kohler® Fuel Pumps. Made in the USA pumps to replace your Kohler® applications. ...
  • Navistar® Fuel Lift Pumps.

What is the difference between AC Delco and Delphi? ›

Being a GM parts manager, I can say that, generally, the Delco is the OE part and would be considered to be of higher quality than the Delphi. Usually, Delphi parts are aftermarket parts from various suppliers in the Delphi packaging. Depending, the Delphi part may perform just as well as the OE Delco.

Is Delphi a good fuel pump? ›

Independent test results prove the superior quality of Delphi aftermarket fuel pumps. In an extensive durability test, Delphi fuel pumps were the only units still running without failure at the conclusion of the testing.

Who makes Ford fuel pumps? ›

Ford/Motorcraft is the best overall, but a pump by Delphi will work fine (Delphi is the supplier for MC/Ford fuel pumps). That will save you about 1/2 the MC priced pump.

Who makes Walbro fuel pumps? ›

New Name, Same Obsession. For decades, Walbro automotive fuel pumps have been manufactured by TI Automotive.

Who makes Walbro? ›

Tokyo, Japan – Global alternative asset manager The Carlyle Group (NASDAQ: CG) today announced that it has acquired 100% of the outstanding shares of Walbro Engine Management, a global small engine parts manufacturer, from Sun Capital Partners. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

Who owns Delphi fuel pumps? ›

Delphi Technologies
TypePublic limited company
Traded asNYSE: DLPH
FateAcquired by BorgWarner
ParentBorgWarner (84%)
1 more row

Is Delphi made in China? ›

Delphi Technologies built and launched a new manufacturing site in Suzhou, China, less than 18 months ago.

Is Delphi part of OEM? ›

Delphi Technologies is the latest original equipment manufacturer (OEM) to join the Original Equipment Suppliers Aftermarket Association (OESAA), citing the 'exact same philosophy' and describing the new partnership as a 'natural fit'.

Is Delphi a good parts brand? ›

Delphi is a good OEM parts maker and their Cayenne parts are 1/3 the cost of Porsche suspension parts.

How long do Delphi fuel pumps last? ›

Delphi fuel pumps are tested to provide durability up to 150,000 miles. Some tests run over 10,000 hours continuously- that`s nonstop for over one year!

Where are Denso fuel pumps made? ›

The pump is Made in Japan like it should be. If your'e going to purchase this pump I highly recommend buying the fuel pump sock and tank gasket.

Does spectra make good fuel pump? ›

The pump works just fine Good fuel pressure and all.


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