Home Improvement Store at Bannerghatta road, Bangalore (2023)

About IBO

IBO Wholesale is the perfect place to end your search for any homeimprovement essentials all under one roof. Our multi-category andmulti-brand platform allows customers, retailers, interior designers andcontractors to buy from our offline locations in India and our online storethrough our website - www.ibo.com andIBO App.
At IBO, you will find an extensive range of fine-quality products, includingelectrical light fittings for the home, power tool accessories, vitrifiedfloor tiles, decorative lights, electrical wholesale items, paints andadhesives, sliding door wardrobe fittings, plywood, laminates, connectionpipes for the wash basin, kitchen appliances and much more. All products areguaranteed to be 100% authentic, are sold at exciting wholesale prices andare backed by the trust of reliable and top brands.

Address: Level 0, Gopalan Innovation Mall, Bannerghatta Main Rd, Sarakki Industrial Layout, 3rd Phase, J. P. Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560076562125
Store timings: 08:30 AM to 08:00 PM
Contact Number: 1800-572-8344,

Nearest Landmarks

  • Bannerghatta
  • BTM Layout
  • Vega city mall
  • Gopalan Mall
  • JP Nagar
  • Tilak Nagar

Products We Offer


Tiles play a crucial role when styling and setting the right mood for everycorner of your house! IBO offers a diverse selection of floor-, parking-,elevation- and wall tiles in various sizes, styles, colours, materials,textures, and finishes. Choose from vitrified to ceramicfloor tiles, nano soluble to double charge tiles for your lobby,living room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen etc.
We house reputed brands like Kajaria, Somany, RAK Ceramics, Orientbell,NITCO and many others to offer our customers fine quality and durable tilesat wholesale prices. Not only tiles, but you can also shop for tile andstone cleaners, tile tools, grouts, adhesives and accessories, artificialgrass, laminate and vinyl flooring etc. So, the next time you think ofremodelling your house and search for 'tiles shop near me' or'tile stores near me', don't forget to visit IBO Wholesale.

Paints and Adhesives

Using paints and coatings to better the facade and value of your home oroffice is a fantastic idea. They come in various textures and colours andcan be applied to almost any surface. At IBO, you get to choose from acomprehensive collection of the exterior to interior paints, emulsions,distempers, primers, wood coatings, masking tapes, glues, thinners, paintequipment and applicators from established brands such as Dulux, Berger,Asian Paints, Nippon Paints, Dr Fixit, and others all under one roof. Don'tmiss the chance to add appeal and liveliness to your place by worrying aboutthe prices because we offer everything at wholesale prices. Visit once, andIBO Wholesale is sure to become your preferredwall paint store near you because all products are authentic and comeat competitive prices.


Electrical supplies and equipment offered at IBO will help you complete anyresidential electrical task or major wiring rework smoothly. IBO has it all,whether it is essentials like modular switches, three-pin module sockets,and PVC insulated wire, or you want smart home security gadgets such aswebcams, outdoor or indoor wi-fi cameras, and baby cameras. At IBO, you willget high-quality solutions from recognised electrical manufacturers such asHavells, Legrand, Finolex, V-Guard, Anchor, and Schneider Electric, amongothers.
Our expansive inventory includes electrical essentials and appliances likewires and cables, batteries and torches, switches and sockets, circuitbreakers, inverter and inverter batteries, exhaust fans, conduit, boxes andfittings, ceiling fans and much more. Whether it is having access to cleandrinking water with RO and UV water filters or making your winter warm withgeysers, visit IBO Wholesale, the best electricals store near you.


IBO caters to all your plumbing, fittings and home improvement requirementsin one place, including equipment like faucets, pumps, tanks, pipe valves,adhesives, rust removers, drain cleaners, and accessories such as watermetres, rainfall filters, and so on. Visit IBO, the bestplumbing/pumps shop near you to purchase all the plumbing suppliesyou want.

Plywood and Laminates

Plywood is highly cost-efficient to use in structural applications such asshear walls, flooring, formwork, and webbed beams because of its highdurability and stiffness-to-weight ratios. Alternatively, laminates areornamental surface materials that are used to treat interior or exteriorsurfaces such as plywood, particleboard or MDF. Compared to other surfacetreatments, laminates need little upkeep, are easy to set up and arelong-lasting.
End your search of finding a'plywood and laminates shop/store near me' at IBO because we house awide assortment of engineered boards like MDF Boards and HDHMR HDF Boards,acrylic and decorative laminates, edge bands, blockboards and plywood fromwell-known brands like Merino, Greenply, Archidlam, Plyneer, Samrat etc. allat wholesale prices.


When building a new house or renovating one, having a trustedhardware store near you becomes significant because it is tiring togo frequently to buy stuff like door hinges, roller shutters, drawer locks,wardrobe and glass sliding fittings, curtain rods, bed fittings etc. At IBO,it is all there!
We provide hardware varieties such as kitchen-, door-, curtain-, and cabinethardware, wardrobe glass fittings, ropes, fasteners, glass fittings, andother hardware from top manufacturers such as Hettich, Hafele, IPSA, OZONE,Godrej, and others at best wholesale prices. Visit IBO Wholesale or searchfor your requirements on the IBO app or website to have them delivered toyour place.

Power and Hand Tools

These tools enhance a person's capability to do a job speedily andseamlessly by providing additional help. All power, garden, and hand toolsaim to make labour easier, faster, and smoother. At IBO, we provide a wideselection of power tools, safety equipment, hand tools, garden tools, andaccessories to assist gardeners, workers, and employees in completing theirregular tasks in a timely and efficient manner. We provide high-qualityproducts from acknowledged brands, including Taparia, Black+Decker, Stanley,Bosch, and DeWalt. So if you are planning to get any wood, metal or concretework done at your home and require tools at wholesale prices likegrinder machines, screwdrivers, hammer drills, grinding discs,step ladders, garden gloves, protective eyewear etc, you should knowwhere to end your search for a power tool shop near you.


In a home, the kitchen is where sumptuous cuisines are prepared. Thus, itneeds to look ideal, just as delectable food. At IBO, you have the'kitchen appliances, chimneys and kitchen sink store near you' whereprices are truly accessible. Our impressive kitchenware collectionincludes faucets, sinks and appliances such as gas stoves, chimneys,induction cooktops, and more, all backed by the assurance of recognisedbrands like Hindware, Futura, Franke, Cera, Faber, and many more.

Lighting and Fans

Make your home more appealing and welcoming by installing modern ceilingfans and lights. The lighting and fans you select have a significant impacton the ambience of your house. At IBO, get everything from pendant lights,ceiling lights, outdoor and decorative lights to lamps, LED lights andbulbs, pedestal fans, wall fans to colourful and vibrant ceiling fans andmuch more.
Don't miss the opportunity to visit IBO Wholesale when looking forlighting and fans shops/stores near me because you get topurchase at wholesale prices from premium brands such as Crompton, Philips,Atomberg, Havells, Panasonic, Eveready, V-Guard and many more.


Modernising your bathroom is easy with the right bathroom accessories. AtIBO, explore a variety of bathroom equipment like washbasins, toilets, bathfaucets, cabinets, showers, flushing systems etc. Look for your preferredbathroom accessories at this bath fittings shop near you.
Our extensive inventory includes bathroom accessories, like storage shelves,bath mirrors, towel racks, soap dispensers, faucets, and more, available ina variety of finishes and styles, all from top manufacturers like Cera,Brizzio, Hindware, Goeka, and Watertec. We offer everything you need,whether it's a white and gold tabletop basin, a pure white single-piecetoilet, a round LED bath mirror, or a single-flow shower.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different home renovation products IBO Wholesale Bannerghatta Road, Bengaluru offer?

We offer all the supplies and equipment you require for home improvement.You will get everything you need from home renovation, maintenance torepairing under one roof, such as electricals (e.g. Cables, wires, switches,sockets, RO filters, geysers etc.) to hardware (like cabinet hinges, ropes,door locks, curtain rods etc.), lighting and fans (smart LEDs, wall fans,smart bulb etc.) to power and hand tools (screwdriver, drill, garden toolsetc.), paints and adhesives (like exterior paints, thinners, waterproofingetc.) to plywood and laminates (such as – edge banding, blockboards, MDFBoard etc.), bathroom (such as faucets, urinals, wash basins etc.) tokitchen (life gas stove, sink tap, sink etc.), tiles (vitrified tiles,ceramic tiles, etc.) to plumbing accessories and a lot more at wholesaleprices from reputable and trustable brands across all the categories.

Does IBO Wholesale Bannerghatta Road, Bengaluru sell genuine products?

IBO Wholesale sells 100% original and premium quality products across allits various categories (Hardware, Electricals, Plywood and Laminates, Tiles,Power and Hand tools, Plumbing, etc.) from esteemed brands like Kajaria,Sunhearrt, Somany, Nippon Paint, Fevicol, Asian Paint, Berger, Greenply,Merino, Plyneer, Dr Fixit, Hettich, Hafele, Stanley, Havells, Bosch, Godrej,GM, Finolex, Polycab, Legrand, V Guard, Crompton, Atomberg, Philips, Anchor,Eveready, Hindware, Cera, Jaquar, Aishrvad, Supreme, Prince, Futura, Kaveriwater tanks, Franke, Faber, Blowhot etc. Consequently, making IBO Wholesalethe one-stop-shop solution for your complete home improvement andremodelling needs.

What are the different modes of buying from IBO Wholesale?

IBO is an omnichannel retail outlet where customers can purchase by visitingour website - www.ibo.com or downloading the IBO App. Customers can alsoexperience and buy products by stopping at any of the IBO Wholesale inRanigunj - Hyderabad, OMR - Padur in Chennai and Sarjapur and Bannerghatta road in Bengaluru.

IBO Wholesale also allows customers to place orders by:

  • By connecting with us on Whatsapp at 91-9902521060
  • Calling on our customer support service number - 1800-572-8344

The team of IBO Experts will help you buy products across differentcategories, such as tiles, plywood, electrical, plumbing, paints, hardware,tools, fans, lighting, wires, switches etc and deliver the products to yourdoorstep.

Does IBO Wholesale offer the best price?

IBO Wholesale is an everyday low-price outlet with wholesale pricinginclusive of GST across all categories across the year. You can shop from awide collection of multiple categories, including plumbing, hardware,electricals, lighting and fan, bathroom, tiles, plywood, power tools andmuch more, without stressing about the prices. You can connect with us -

  • On our customer support service number - 1800-572-8344
  • Chat with us on WhatsApp at 91-9902521060
  • Drop any questions here - [emailprotected]

Is IBO Wholesale only in Bannerghatta Road, Bengaluru?

Customers can also experience and buy products by stopping at any of the IBO Wholesale inSarjapur Road, Bengaluru,OMR - Padur, ChennaiandRanigunj - Hyderabad. Click on the links to get the exact locations of the IBO Wholesale.

Where can I contact for store-related queries?

For any store-related queries like products we offer, location, prices,brands we house etc., you can reach out to us at:
Through Email: [emailprotected]
Our Customer Support number: 18005728344

Does IBO Wholesale provide home delivery for products purchased?

Yes, we provide fast and hassle-free delivery across India. You can explorethe products and have them delivered to your place by downloading our IBOApp from the Appstore and Playstore or by visiting the IBO Wholesale website- https://www.ibo.com/

Can I return products purchased from IBO Wholesale?

If you are not happy with your purchase, you can request a full or partialorder cancellation or return it. Please keep in mind that all orders aresusceptible to cancellation requests as long as the order status is "InProcess."
Except for a few items marked "Non-Returnable" on the product page, all IBOproducts are returnable. It is crucial to remember that returns can only berequested up to 7 days after the product has been delivered.

Do you take bulk order requests?

Yes, we accept bulk order requests and offer wholesale prices on allproducts in our catalogue. For any information or query, you can get intouch through different touchpoints.
Through Email: [emailprotected]
On WhatsApp: 91-9902521060
Our Customer Support Number: 18005728344

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