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Updated November 7, 2022

Reviewed by Andy Kilborn, Expert Home Building and Remodeling Contributor. Written by HomeAdvisor.

Window screen replacement costs between $136 and $478, with an average cost of $306. Pre-assembled models run as little as $35 each for installation, while you’ll pay up to $1,000 for solar or security screens.

Screens keep bugs out and let fresh air in. Today’s options come in a variety of colors and styles to add an artistic flair or lower the cooling costs in your home. Keep these price factors in mind as you make your choice.

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Window Screen Replacement Cost Calculator

National Average $306
Typical Range $136 - $478
Low End - High End $50 - $1,000
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Cost data is based on actual project costs as reported by 6,197 HomeAdvisor members.

Window Screen Prices by Type

The two main window screen types are movable screens and customizable screens. Movable window screens are more commonly found in homes since they’re more convenient and tend to be fairly inexpensive. If you need a custom screen size, expect to pay considerably more.

Movable Window Screen Pricing

Movable window screens cost around $20 to $150 each, depending on their size and operation. Products that slide along a track or pop in for quick installation run around $20 to $80 for most common sizes. By comparison, you’ll pay $50 to $130 for retractable options that can be made invisible whenever you want.

If you’re looking for a window screen that functions as a pet door, you can expect to pay about $50 to $150. These usually come in a smaller range of sizes.

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Custom Window Screen Costs

Custom screen pricing ranges from $0.25 to $25 per square foot for material plus $10 to $100for the frame. If you have a window with an unusual size or shape, a custom screen may be your only option.

Window Screen Prices by Material

Learn how much it costs to Install a Screen - Compose: SEO. (1)

There are many different materials to choose from when it comes to screens, ranging from affordable fiberglass to high-end solar and security models. Take a look at some of the most popular materials and their costs per screen, including installation.

Window Screen TypeAverage Price Range (Material and Installation)
Fiberglass$35 – $200
Aluminum$50 – $300
Copper$90 – $850
Stainless steel$45 – $400
Brass$120 – $850
Security$120 – $1,050
Solar screen costs$55 – $850
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Window Screen Replacement Cost Factors

Aside from the screen type and material you choose, several other factors influence the cost of replacing your window screens.


If you hire a professional, you should think about labor rates. A pre-assembled screen replacement costs about $15 to $20 in labor per screen. If the frame is in good condition and you just need new screening put in, cutting and installing costs about $20 to $30 in labor. Having to build and install a whole new screen brings the labor cost to around $25 to $50 per screen.

Keep in mind that pros usually base labor prices on the job size. If you only need one replaced, you'll pay up to $50 more per screen than if you're doing several simultaneously.


The size of your windows impacts the price because bigger windows consume more material and take more time to install. Materials for window frames range from $0.25 per square foot for fiberglass to $25 per square foot for security screens.

To work out how much you'll pay, measure the length and width of each door or window, then multiply the length and width to get the square footage for each screen you need. Add the square footage for each window or door together to get an accurate total project size. Then, use the table below to find the cost of your chosen material per square foot and add the average labor cost of $32 per screen to get an approximate project price.

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Window Screen MaterialAverage Price Range per Sq. Ft. (Material Only)
Fiberglass$0.25 – $0.50
Aluminum$0.35 – $0.70
Copper$1 – $1.50
Stainless steel$1 – $1.25
Brass$1.50 – $2.50
Security$10 – $25
Solar $7.50 – $15


The window location and how easy it is to reach it impact labor prices. Working at high elevations carries an increased risk and takes more time for installation, so expect to pay on the higher end of the price range for screening upper-floor windows. If you need screens three stories high or more, you'll most likely have to pay an additional premium for the risk factor.

Similarly, if a window is in a spot that's hard to access, you'll pay a higher labor rate to compensate the pro for the extra complexity.

Rescreening vs. Replacement

You may be able to save money by rescreening instead of replacing the whole screen. Rescreening involves retaining the existing frames and simply replacing the existing screen material. Keeping the frame reduces costs and is a good solution if your frames are still in good condition and show no signs of buckling or warping. It'll also save you a considerable sum if you have large or oddly shaped windows that require new custom frames.

However, if your screen frame is old, excessively worn, damaged, or warped, it makes more financial sense to replace it.

DIY Screen Installation vs. Hire a Pro

At $15 to $50 per screen, labor is typically less than a third of the total cost. Since you can accidentally damage your window trying to get an old one out or putting in a new one, you’re probably better off hiring an installer. This is particularly true if you need custom sizing or high-end mesh. Before you schedule a window screen replacement near you, get at least three quotes from pros.

If you decide to do it yourself and have a standard-size window, you'll pay $20 to $80 for pre-assembled models that are easy to install. "If you're considering a DIY screen repair, start with one screen and see how it goes,” says Andy Kilborn, Angi Expert Review Board member and owner of Andy's Handyman Service in Des Moines, IA. “Some hardware stores will replace screens if you bring in the frames. But if you're adding new screens or changing the style, consider hiring a pro."

Still Have Questions About Installing a Window Screen?

Frequently Asked Questions

Are window screens standard sizes?

Window screens come in many standard sizes, ranging from 18 inches by 20 inches to 36 inches by 74 inches. Not all measurements are included, so you may need to order customizable ones.

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How much does a screen door cost?

Sliding doors cost around $100 to $250, while retractable ones cost around $300 to $1,400. Screen door installation costs around $100 to $1,550.

Should I repair or replace my screen?

Depending on the problem, window screen repairs range from $5 to $100. Patching small holes costs around $5 to $20 and may be a good short-term solution. If the frame is damaged or the mesh seriously ripped, it's best to replace it.

How do you rescreen a window?

To rescreen a window, you’ll need to:


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