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Lots of racers always ask the question, “which ATV is thefastest in the world?” and through my investigations, I have not found any sitethat explains or lists the fastest ATVs.

Therefore, after many hours of exploration, I present to you thefastest ATVs in the world. It’s important to know that all ATVs on this list travelover 70 mph.

The fastest ATV in the world is the Can-Am Outlander 1000 which canreach a crazy maximum speed of 91 mph, immediately followed by the Honda TRX700XX that can reach 86 mph.

Table of the fastest ATVsin the world

ATV model Max speed
Can-Am Outlander 1000 max speed of 91 mph
Honda TRX 700XX max speed of 86 mph
Sportsman 850 XP max speed of 83 mph
Yamaha YFZ450R max speed of 76 mph
Yamaha RAPTOR 700R max speed of 75 mph
SUZUKI KINGQUAD 750AXi max speed of 73 mph

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Can-Am Outlander 1000 – max speed of 91 mph

The Can-Am Outlander 1000 is one of the strongest and fastestATVs I have personally seen, and is among the best ATVs for racing and iscurrently the fastest 4-stroke ATV on the market.

The Can-Am Outlander 1000 boasts a powerful volume 4-strokeengine of 976cc which works with a fuel capacity of 5.7 gal. It has 91Horsepower which means you will ride at crazy speeds over 91 mph, thus makingit the fastest ATV on the market today. Riding on sport mode will give you thehighest speed and if you want to limit the speed then the work mode will limit itto 43 mph. You can buy the Can-Am Outlander 1000 for between $12,000 and$14,000.

While most ATVs cross the 1000kg mark, this model weighs about464 kg which is considered to be quite a good weight. It’s built woth a verydurable SST frame that can handle anything and its dual hydraulic disc brakesare among the best in ATVs, which is very important considering the ATV canreach such crazy speeds.

In my opinion, the Can-Am Outlander 1000 is definitely one ofthe best fast-moving ATVs you can buy on the market and I highly recommend itto racers.

It looks like the Can-Am Outlander 1000 will continue to be thefastest 4-stroke ATV, considering that they have been in the market for almost10 years and hardly have competitors that equal to the power and speed of thismodel.


  • A maximum speed of 91 mph
  • Volume of 976cc
  • Powerful 4-stroke engine
  • Fuel capacity of 5.7 gal.
  • Rack Capacity: Rear: 200lb
  • Built-in very durable SSTframe
  • Weighs about 464 kg
  • Price between $12,000 and$14,000

HondaTRX 700XX – max speed of 86 mph

The Honda TRX 700XX is among the fastest and most powerful ATVs onthe market today. Although it was manufactured from 2008 to 2009, it is stillconsidered one of the best and most powerful ATVs you can buy today.

The Honda TRX 700XX has a 4-stroke engine that comes with a 686cc engine volume that allows it to reach crazy speeds of up to 86 mph. You canbuy it for $7,899, although they are pretty hard to find and you have to bepretty lucky to buy one.

Also, the TRX700XX has 5 different gears that work superbly andthe seat height is only 32.7 inch, while the total length is 71.5 inches and itweighs 229 kg, which makes the TRX700XX very small and compact compared to mostof its competitors on this list.

Although its dimensions are relatively small, the TRX700XX has a3-gallon engine that will last a long time. It also offers excellent discbrakes that provide excellent stopping power and the TRX700XX comes in a sportydesign that I think looks amazing and very beautiful. It is also very stable onevery surface due to its excellent aluminum wheels.

In my opinion, the Honda TRX 700XX is the fastest ATV that Hondahas to offer and is probably the fastest you can buy after the Can-Am Outlander1000.


  • 86 mph maximum speed
  • 4-stroke engine
  • An engine capacity of 686cc
  • 5 different gears
  • A seat height of 32.7 in
  • 229 kg weight
  • Engine capacity of 3gallons
  • Disc brakes
  • Sporty design
  • Aluminum wheels
  • Price of $7,899

Sportsman850 XP – max speed of 83 mph

The Sportsman 850 XP is among the fastest ATVs available on themarket and many say it is the fastest ATV after the Honda TRX 700XX.

The Sportsman XP 850 engine has a 4-stroke engine with a volumeof 850 cc and comes with a 4.5 gal fuel capacity. It has 78 horsepower and themaximum speed it can reach is 83 mph, which is a very high speed. Thedifference in speeds between the Sportsman 850 XP and Can-Am Outlander 1000 isonly 10mph, thus making it one of the fastest ATVs on this list. This modelwill cost you about $9,999.

In addition, the Sportsman 850 XP has an automatic PVTtransmission system and an excellent Hydraulic Disc brake system. The seatheight is 37 inches and the total height is 50.75 inches. It weighs 350 kg and theload capacity is 261kg, which makes it excellent for moving equipment from oneplace to another.

Furthermore, the Sportsman 850 XP is very comfortable to controland ride which is thanks to the 30 percent more room in the leaning habit (thatgives a lot of freedom when riding) and also its very stable wheels.

I personally think the Sportsman 850 XP can be excellent forriders who want an ATV that is relatively cheaper than the Can-Am Outlander1000 but still has a very high maximum speed.


  • A maximum speed of 83 mph
  • A seat height of 37 inches
  • Weight of 350 kg
  • 4-stroke engine
  • Volume of 850cc
  • Very convenient forcontrol and riding
  • Fuel capacity of 4.5 gal
  • 78 horsepower
  • Price of $9,999
  • Automatic PVT TransmissionSystem
  • Excellent Hydraulic DiscBrake System

YamahaYFZ450R – max speed of 76 mph

The YFZ450R is another very powerful and strong Yamaha ATV that providesvery high performance and suits racing.

It has a 4-stroke engine of 449 cc and a fuel capacity of 2.6gal, which gives the YFZ450R a maximum speed of 76 mph and you can buy it for $8,999which is a very cheap price for what you get. The Yamaha RAPTOR 700R costs$8,699 but the YFZ450R is a little faster, which I think is worth theinvestment of $300, especially if more speed is important to you.

The YFZ450R works with 5 different transmission speeds and itsdry weight is 405 pounds and its seat height is 31.9 inches.

In addition, its frame is very strong and advanced and made of aluminium.The thing that surprised me the most is that the frame is very lightweight,which helps the ATV go faster.

And another thing which I really like is that it has an LEDindicator that shows you the fuel mode temperature and other very importantinformation about your ATV mode.

In my opinion, the YFZ450R is a great ATV for racing while beingvery similar to the RAPTOR 700R, so it is up to you which ATV to choose.


  • 4-stroke engine
  • Volume of 449 cc
  • Fuel capacity of 2.6 gal
  • A maximum speed of 76 mph
  • Price of $8,999
  • 5 different transmission speeds
  • A dry weight of 405 pounds
  • A seat height of 31.9 inches
  • A very strong and advanced aluminum frame
  • LED indicator
The Fastest ATVs in the World | RX Riders Place (1)

YamahaRAPTOR 700R max speed of 75 mph

The RAPTOR 700R is my favorite ATV and although it may not reachcrazy speeds like the Can-Am Outlander 1000, it can certainly reach very highspeeds which I am sure will be enough for you to race.

The RAPTOR 700R comes with a 4-stroke engine with a volume of686 cc and a fuel capacity of 2.9 gallon, which can give you a maximum speed ofabout 75mph. The RAPTOR 700R is definitely one of the fastest ATVs on themarket and you can buy one for $8,699, which is about $4,000 cheaper than theCan-Am Outlander 1000.

Also, the RAPTOR 700R has 5 different gears and dual hydraulicdisc brakes which are very important on such a fast ATV. The dimensions arequite good, the seat height is 32.7 inches and it weighs in at 422 lb. Also,the RAPTOR 700R has incredible stability and is very easy to control in everypossible place and area you would like to ride due to the 20-inch tires thatare very durable and aggressive.

It has an aluminum frame that is very durable and strong. It alsohas a 30-watt flashlight that provides excellent visibility in the dark.

In my opinion, the RAPTOR 700R is a monstrous ATV and is by farthe best that Yamaha has to offer and is among the fastest ATVs you can buy today,and is well worth its price.


  • A maximum speed of about75 mph
  • 686 cc engine volume
  • 30 watt flashlight
  • Aluminum frame
  • 4-stroke engine
  • Fuel capacity of 2.9gallons
  • Powerful disc-type brakes
  • Seat height of 32.7 inches
  • 5 different gears
  • Weighs in at 422 lb
  • Very aggressive 20-inchtires
  • Easy to control
  • Price of $8,699

SUZUKIKINGQUAD 750AXi – max speed of 73 mph

The SUZUKI KINGQUAD 750AXi is a new edition that SUZUKI releasedin 2019 and is considered to be a very fast and powerful ATV.

It has an engine volume of 749 cc and is a 4-stroke engine that workson a fuel capacity of 4.6 gallon, and an EFI fuel system that gives it crazyspeeds. Its maximum speed is 73 mph, which is very surprising and important to knowbecause the SUZUKI KINGQUAD 750AXi is a new and upgraded model and it is unlikeprevious models of KINGQUAD 750 that do not reach the speeds it can reach. Ifyou want to get one it will cost you about $8,799.

In addition, the SUZUKI KINGQUAD 750AXi features an electricstarter and automatic CVT transmission system. It weighs in at a relativelyheavyweight of 672 lb which I think slows it down a little bit.

It can carry up to 1,323 pounds of weight, which makes itexcellent for work. It is also very comfortable and durable compared toprevious Suzuki models.

In my opinion, the SUZUKI KINGQUAD 750AXi is an excellentupgrade for 2019 and I highly recommend it for racers.

However, if you want to get a SUZUKI KINGQUAD 750 but the priceis a bit too expensive for you, I highly recommend you buy last year’s previousmodel which costs a little less money and is a little bit slower.


  • A maximum speed of 73 mph
  • Engine volume of 749cc
  • 4-stroke engine
  • Fuel capacity of 4.6 gal.
  • EFI fuel system
  • Automatic CVT TransmissionSystem
  • Electric start
  • 672 lb
  • Price of $8,799


To summarize today I showed you the 6 fastest ATVs in the world.

It is very important to know that engine volume can be higher fromone ATV to another, but this does not mean that it is faster because many otherfactors determine the maximum speed at which the ATV can ride, especiallyweight.

I highly recommend you go read this post to understand more on the topic of how ATVs get faster –click here to view.

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Thanks for your riding. Until next time.

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