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Technology has come a long way, from desktop computers to smartphones. However, it is hard to imagine when computer manufacturing companies were not as important.

As the demand for computers grew, so did the number of Computer companies. So, these companies have a significant role in determining the structure of computers. Since the 1980s, computer manufacturing companies have been operating successfully globally. In addition, there are many manufacturing companies worldwide for personal computers (PCs). Still, only a little more than ten major computer manufacturing companies control 90% of the global PC market share.

How big is the global PC market?

The global PC market was worth about US$246 billion in 2013. This translates to a market share of 4.4% for PCs alone. It is also US$1.4 trillion for the combined global PC and tablet/notebook markets.

Consequently, these companies must balance their products to profit and profit margins. Moreover, the top 10 computer manufacturers are so large that they can innovate their technology and design. The following list provides more information on the major global computer manufacturing companies.

By 2023, we expect to see 5-10 more major computer manufacturers in the market. Since computers are becoming increasingly popular, computer companies are developing better laptops. This helps to gain a market share from the PC manufacturing companies. Besides that, the internetand the use of PCB devices from has allowed brands like Apple and Samsung to be very agile and efficient.

What are the driving factors for the global computer market?

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The pertinent factors that drive the global PC market include the following:

1. PC replacement cycle:

A traditional PC is a replaceable product, and one buys a new model every couple of years. The new version will be faster and add more features. Although this is a good solution for the users, manufacturers compete for bigger and better margins.

The so-called “Google Pixel” is a new model of the Chromebook, which is not very different from its previous generations. The only difference is that Google has added an extra 2 GB RAM alongside an 8 GB SSD to its latest version. This has led to the Google Pixel’s high price compared to other Chromebooks. For example, the Samsung Tab Pro I with an Intel Core i5 and 128 GB SSD costs about US$900. This has resulted in higher prices and smaller profits.

2. Technological advancements:

The latest high-end models have more features and longer battery life. But we expect them to cost more than the previous models. Moreover, new technological advancements sometimes lead to the improvement of older products. For instance, Intel’s integrated graphics, AMD’s CPU cores, or HDMI inputs change from 360p to 1080p.

The Apple MacBook Pro with Retina Display is a good example. Older models of its predecessor usually had two USB 3.0 ports, but the latest version now has four. This can affect older models that are out of production.

3. Market size:

Also, improving technology impact the market share of a computer manufacturer. This is because these things often affect prices. For example, laptops and tablets are thinner, smaller, and lighter than their predecessors.

For example, Intel’s Sandy Bridge processors cost more than the previous models and were not well received. Moreover, the demand for tablets has risen dramatically over the years.

4. Competition:

Competition between companies like Apple and Google also affects the PC market. This is because competition forces companies to produce cheaper, innovative, and desirable products. Other companies that produce smartphones and tablets also affect the market. They provide competitive pricing, changing how users interact with their devices.

5. PC and computer penetration

The global computer market consists of PCs and laptops in a very simple sense. But the real competition between companies is in the realm of laptops. This is because the penetration of computers has increased over the years. We estimate that in 2013 about half of all computers were PCs, and about half were laptops. This has increased because people work on laptops rather than on their desktops. Therefore, manufacturers need to reinvent themselves for more powerful processors for laptops.

6. Computer history in the market

The emergence of personal computers, laptops, and smartphones has changed the market drastically. For example, HP was one of the major manufacturers of desktops and laptops. However, by 2011 it only produced 12% of its revenue from desktop PCs compared to approximately 87% from laptops. In 2012, HP announced that it would close several factories in the United States and Western Europe, which would affect its sales.

7. Population growth and lifestyle changes:

The global population is growing rapidly. The number of people having a working computer has increased from about 1 billion in 2011 to 2.2 billion by 2015. Furthermore, this has led to increasing computer penetration in developing countries. These are countries like China, India and Brazil, and Russia, where consumers are also increasing. This led to a decrease in the prices of PCs and laptops. It also leads to more people buying these products.

8. Prices:

The price of today’s computers is lower than ever before, so consumers can afford them. For example, the prices have decreased compared to the number of computers per 1,000 people with the cost per $1,000 in 1990 ($800-$1200).

9. Future trends:

Some manufacturers will most likely disappear from the market. This is because they do not invest enough to stay competitive in R & D. They do not meet the minimum requirements for a new computer. However, companies like Apple, HP, and Dell will increase because they invest in R & D and marketing. In addition to that, new trends like 3D printing will be worth watching shortly.

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Who are the top 10 largest computer companies in the world?

If you are on the lookout for the best computer, read the following list of the top 10 largest computer companies globally.

1. Dell

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Dell is a world-class computer maker. It designs, develops, and sells computers through its retail stores and online. Michael Dell founded the company in 1984. He has since become the CEO of the company. It has expanded streamlined service to meet customer demand with more efficiency and innovation. As a result, Dell is a company trusted worldwide. It is also one of the best computer companies. Dell has earned its reputation through quality products and services, including delivery on time.

Dell has started Green Packaging and Recycling project in which it named Dell EcoStruxure. It is a program that helps the company manage its environmental heritage. The program involved the integration of new solutions in the manufacturing and supply chain. This includes a recycling process for used products of Dell.

3D printing project is another excellent example of Dell’s environmental track record. In addition, it offers customers a choice of performance products lower in carbon dioxide emissions.

It works with non-profit organizations to ensure that its products and services are sustainable.

Brand Pros and Cons


1. The Dell computers are light and have an excellent screen to display ratio compared to the other computer companies. They are user-friendly and convenient to use.

2. Its newer models have slimmer bezels and excellent looks. It is a good substitute for the older model if you are not satisfied.

3. Dell is the only computer company that gives you 30 days to return their computers if you are unhappy with their products.

4. It has excellent and prompt customer service that responds to your queries in a very effective and helpful manner.

5. Computer users are apprehensive of carrying their chargers around with them. They feel that their battery will run out of charge in a very short time. This is not the case with Dell. Every gadget boasts decent battery life. This leaves you worry-free and confident that you can use your computer for a long even if you don’t have access to electricity all the time.

6. Dell is one of the most popular computer companies globally. It is majorly present in the United States and Europe. Therefore, people in these parts of the world prefer using Dell computers more than other brands.

7. Dell is the best option if you like carrying a light laptop around. They are light and easily fit in your bag without causing too much hassle to carry.

8. Dell has an extensive product range, including laptops, desktops, and monitors. In addition, many accessories are available for sale, such as batteries and SD cards.

9. Dell offers the latest gadgets with the best specifications and innovations. As a result, they are ahead of time compared to other devices.


1. The prices of Dell computers don’t drop as much during sales. Therefore, you have to wait for sales to get the lowest price for your computer.

2. The company doesn’t offer goodies and additional kits with their laptops.

3. The minimalist design of the Dell does put off users who like to personalize their gadgets.

2. Apple

Top 10 Computer Manufacturing Companies in The World - Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing & PCB Assembly - RayMing (3)

Apple is a company that designs, develops, and sells fun, innovative, and user-friendly computers. Steve Jobs, along with Steve Wozniak, founded the company in 1976. Apple Inc has since become the 2nd largest computer company in the world. Apple has built its reputation globally through quality products and services. It includes impeccable customer service. It is also one of the top computer companies for its innovative products.

Apple tops the segments like customer support, products, warranty, and quality of services.

Apple has been taking steps to increase the ecological impact of its products. For example, it has partnered with Greenpeace and launched GreenBox Program. This is a program to recycle used products by giving them back to Apple. They are also working on developing a green PC.

Brand Pros and Cons


1. Great Design: Apple’s designs have improved over time, resulting in very good-looking computers.

2. Allows users to install Windows via dual boot

3. Exceptional customer support

4. MacBooks have excellent speakers

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5. Retina display supports color reproduction that is unmatched by any other display.

6. Apple enjoys a global market share of around 6% in laptop devices.

7. Enviable aesthetics

8. Excellent battery life

9. Devices are high-speed and responsive

10. Baseline model offers spectacular performances


1. Non-upgradeable RAM

2. Higher price tag

3. Hardware isn’t built for gaming

3. HP Corporation

Top 10 Computer Manufacturing Companies in The World - Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing & PCB Assembly - RayMing (4)

Hewlett-Packard is a leading manufacturer of innovative and powerful personal computers. HP is also one of the top computer companies. This is because of its high-quality mobile computers and low prices.

HP offers good value for money. It manufactures products that are portable, powerful, and easy to use. HP also enjoys a good market share when it comes to laptop range.

HP has been working on reducing the environmental impact of its products. For example, it has recently launched a Waste recapture project. It sends used computers to recyclers to produce new computer parts.

Customer support options place HP at the forefront of computer companies. They assist users through phone, chat, email, and remote assistance. In addition, HP has a well-structured support center that caters to customers’ needs from all over the world.

HP laptops come with some of the industry’s best and most reliable hardware components. In addition, their online support center is well organized for troubleshooting issues.

Brand Pros and Cons


HP has a range of laptops among the slimmest out there. The design of these laptops is very stylish and makes them look way more elegant than the ones from other companies.

HP has some top-notch gadgets with AMOLED displays. These are some of the best displays available in the market and mean that your gadget will have excellent picture quality.

HP’s laptops are the most sold in 19 countries, including China, Japan, Korea, and the US.

The company offers a comprehensive device warranty of up to 3 years on their premium products. This means you are safe as a customer if there is any manufacturing defect in your device.

It has a well-structured and competent customer support system. This means you can get help from the HP support center whenever you face any issues with your HP device.

The company offers laptops for every price bracket. This means you can have the best value for your money and enjoy features from some of the top-notch devices.


The company has had inconsistent battery support in some laptops. While their premium ones offer excellent battery backup, they have less appeal in the entry-level segment.

HP laptops are not completely upgradeable. You can’t remove them altogether to access the internal components. Furthermore, they are not upgradeable as they often come with bloatware that is difficult to uninstall.

HP uses solid-state drives in most of its laptop range.

HP laptops have had issues regarding their hardware durability. The company has had issues with many of its devices in the past. Though it has improved a lot, it still lacks in this area.

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The current iteration of HP laptops offers a one-dimensional design. Apple design inspires the basic chassis and overall aesthetic. It is quite similar to most of the other laptops in the market.

The keyboard that comes with HP’s laptops is not very comfortable. In addition, it requires getting used to for a long time, even if you type for long hours.

4. Lenovo

Established in 1984, Lenovo is a company that offers excellent value for money. The company is an international and registered multinational corporation. Chinese entrepreneur Liu Chuanzhi heads it.

Lenovo is an IT company named the world’s largest PC vendor in 2014. The company sells a range of personal computers through its various brands across the globe.

Lenovo produces a series of laptops with premium features and designs. As a result, the company holds a good market share for its high-quality, innovative, powerful, and affordable products.

Lenovo has been at the forefront of cost-cutting measures, due to which it has become one of the most affordable laptop brands in the market. This makes them popular among buyers as well as businesses.

Lenovo also offers a wide range of products for every budget and has held its place in the market.

Lenovo laptops are well-built and have excellent hardware specifications. Some of the top components in the industry power them. Also, they can offer exceptional performance.

Lenovo offers a wide range of devices for every price bracket, which is quite rare in today’s tech industry.

Lenovo laptops focus on innovation and use some of the world’s best components in the industry. As a result, Lenovo has innovated in almost every aspect of computing, such as mobile devices, printers, and even televisions.

Lenovo manufactures laptops with a high level of precision. They also offer incredible performance levels.


A well-connected network of accessible service centers

Prompt customer support system

Wide-range of laptops in terms of design and form factors

Global market share of almost 25 percent

Lenovo offers a device for every price segment

Flaunts extremely durable hardware components


Questionable graphics support even on mid-range gadgets

Bland design and structuring

5. Acer

Acer is a Taiwanese multinational hardware and electronics corporation. It specializes in information technology products. The company is on the list of best laptop brands.

Most of their products are budget-friendly. Even their high-end models are approachable to most people. Moreover, they provide all kinds of gadgets. These gadgets include tablets, smartphones, accessories, desktops, and laptops at affordable prices.

The company has a staff strength of almost 7,000 employees, and its annual revenues are around $5 billion. In addition, they have more than 160 service centers around the globe.

Acer has an impressive collection of laptops. They also have a remarkable price bracket. Their laptop models include Aspire and Predator series, which are some of the market’s best portable laptops. In addition, they have a diverse range of models for all kinds of users. They include gamers, writers, graphic designers, and business people.

Besides the widest-possible range of gadgets, Acer also comes up with some of the most innovative devices. Moreover, the company has many gadgets like laptops, smartphones, and tablets.

In short, Acer is amongthe best laptop brands that deliver in all categories, including technical specifications and quality.

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6. Asus

Asus is a Taiwanese multinational computer hardware and electronics company. It is best known for its laptops. The company has a market share of 15%, and it is at number six on our list of best laptop brands.

Asus has a huge range of budget-friendly gadgets that offer impressive features. They include powerful processors, hardcore graphics, long-lasting batteries, and durable design. Moreover, almost all its gadgets are the best in their respective price brackets.

The ASUS Zenbook 13 and 15 are the latest creations of this company, and they’re the best functioning laptops. Their ROG gaming series are also a big hit among gamers. Some of their notebooks include SSDs, backlit keyboards, and spill-resistant designs.

They also offer powerful gaming laptops with their latest ROG series.

The company also has a wide range of accessories that can improve the performance of your gadgets, like notebooks and smartphones.

They also have a range of cheap tablets at affordable prices and are quite powerful.

Asus has proven time and time again to be amongthe best Windows laptop brands on the planet.

7. Microsoft

Microsoft is amongthe oldest brands in the world. They are on our list of best Windows laptop brands for making powerful devices for ages.

Microsoft has a market share of 10 percent. The company’s headquarters is in Redmond, Washington. They have more than 95,000 employees worldwide working for them. Their annual revenues are almost $87 billion.

Microsoft has many gadgets, including numerous laptops, smartphones, and accessories like backlit keyboards.

Microsoft offers decent customer support services. They also have a 30-day money-back policy. So users can return their gadgets within 30 days if they aren’t satisfied with the product. Their laptops are also very durable. They come with impressive specifications like powerful processors, long-lasting batteries, and durable design.

The Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book 2 come with solid specifications. These include the latest Intel CPUs, hard disks, and Windows 10.

Another plus point of this laptop brand is that they have some of the best-backlit keyboards available for purchase.

8. Samsung

Samsung has always been one of the best laptop brands. They are number eight on our top 10 best Windows laptops brands.

Almost all their gadgets are the best in their respective price brackets. Samsung has a great business model covering almost all kinds of people who want to buy their products, from students to retirees. The Korean brand has introduced the first folding laptop named the Samsung Galaxy Fold.

They offer a great range of accessories that can improve the performance of your gadgets like notebooks and smartphones. Their accessories include cases, coolers, mice, and keyboards. Samsung also has a great collection of budget-friendly tablets that are quite powerful.

Their range includes high-end devices like Chromebook Pro/Plus. In addition, it offers an excellent display and keyboard for a moderate price tag.

9. Toshiba

Toshiba is a multinational electronics company. It manufactures laptops, home appliances, and electronic devices. The Japanese brand has a market share of 10 percent, and it is number nine on our list of best laptop brands.

They have some of the most durable notebooks with powerful specifications at price-friendly rates. They also have a wide range of software and accessories, including backlit keyboards, soundbars, cases, and sleeves.

The company has achieved immense fame by offering budget-friendly gadgets. They have tough designs and powerful specifications. In addition, they produce some of the best laptops with outstanding performance.

They have an excellent reputation for producing long-lasting batteries for their devices. In addition, most of their devices come with fast-charge technology that can get your device charged within 3 hours.

10. IBM

The American multinational IT company. It has a substantial market share is number ten on our list of best laptop brands. They have an impressive range of gadgets: laptops, smartphones, tablets, and accessories like backlit keyboards.

The company has gained immense financial fame by producing innovative products. Some include the IBM ThinkPad and the IBM Lotus SmartSystems. In addition to this, they also offer some of the best software and accessories, including mice, keyboards, and cases.

In conclusion, the best Windows laptop brands vary, and each one of them has its qualities. So, you might want to choose one based on your budget, taste, and preferences.

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In terms of production, volume, China accounted for around 52% in 2020, Taiwan for 11.5%, South Korea for 10.8%, Japan for 8%, and Thailand and Vietnam combined for 6.7%. Overall, this means that 89% of printed circuit boards came from Asia in 2020.

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Advanced PCB – otherwise known as HDI (High Density Interconnector) PCB – is characterized with higher wiring density per unit area than conventional PCB. It has finer lines and spaces, smaller vias and capture pads and higher connection pad density.

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*High-profit margins – PCB printing and manufacturing is an industry well-known for high-profit margins. Moreover, it is easier to begin and successfully operate a highly-profitable startup.

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FR4 epoxy laminate and prepreg: FR4 is the most popular PCB substrate material in the world.

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What Is a PCB Design Engineer? A printed circuit board design engineer oversees the creation of printed circuit boards (PCB) used in phones, computers, and most other electronic devices.

What is the salary of PCB designer in India? ›

PCB Design Engineer salary in India ranges between ₹ 1.8 Lakhs to ₹ 8.5 Lakhs with an average annual salary of ₹ 4.0 Lakhs. Salary estimates are based on 1.1k salaries received from PCB Design Engineers.

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1#1 Germany2019
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3#3 France2019
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RankCountryExports (USD billions)
2Hong Kong281.7
4South Korea163.1
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1 May 2020

Which country is famous for electronics? ›

China, Hong Kong, and the U.S. are the leaders in electronics production. In recent years, China has been implementing more eco-friendly manufacturing techniques in an effort to reduce the production of harmful greenhouse gases.

Is PCB banned worldwide? ›

PCB are listed in Annex A to the Stockholm Convention. The production and new uses of PCB are banned, and Parties to the Stockholm Convention must eliminate the use of PCB in equipment by 2025 and to ensure the environmentally sound waste management of liquids containing PCB and equipment contaminated with PCB by 2028.

Where is PCB banned? ›

Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) are highly carcinogenic chemical compounds, formerly used in industrial and consumer products, whose production was banned in the United States by the Toxic Substances Control Act in 1979 and internationally by the Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants in 2001.

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PCB Manufacturing: PCB manufacturing is the construction of your board design. This is a two-step process that begins with board fabrication and ends with printed circuit board assembly (PCBA).

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The latest MacBook Air, powered by Apple's M2 processor, is the best laptop for most people.

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Apple is undoubtedly the most luxurious and top-rated laptop brand across the world. Be it laptops or any other gadgets, the class and finesse the brand offers is incompatible. The best features of Apple laptops are the built, user friendly interfaces, the display and power as well as the great customer support.

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3Apple260.2 billion
4Samsung Electronics221.6 billion
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Intel and AMD are some of the most common manufacturers, and they each have different series of processors. In general, the higher the number in the series, the more power you'll have for processing tasks.

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While Intel earns more revenue, TSM makes around 90% of advanced chips produced globally. TSM also controls more than half of the global semiconductor foundry market, by revenue.

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The AMD Ryzen 9 7950X is easily the best processor on the market right now with incredible performance, energy efficiency, and support for the latest DDR5 and PCIe 5.0 technology.

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  • Intel Core i5-12400. Intel Core i5-12400 processor. ...
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Intel is the world's largest manufacturer of PC microprocessors and the holder of the x86 processor architecture patent. ... x86 is the series of Intel microprocessor families that began with the 80286 microprocessor.

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3 Layer PCB or Tri-layer PCB , Is less in the normally in the market, most most multilayer plural layer like 4 layer , 6 layer, 32 Layer. Sometime some electronic device need special layer stack up to get the performance , and sometime ,just PCB designer want to save cost , not do 4 layer .

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Most engineers specializing in PCB design charge between $95 and $145 an hour. Almost all of them charge an hourly fee over flat fees or percentages. This is important to know because if you get a quote that seems really low, it probably is and the cost will be made up with additional time added on later.

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A circuit board typically costs from 50 cents to $300 dollars to produce, depending on your needs. The price to produce a circuit board has many different factors, and may depend on the number layers, complexity, quantity and components included on the board.

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Although no longer commercially produced in the United States, PCBs may be present in products and materials produced before the 1979 PCB ban. Products that may contain PCBs include: Transformers and capacitors. Electrical equipment including voltage regulators, switches, re-closers, bushings, and electromagnets.

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Results showed that PCB contamination in northern and southern China was not significantly different, but the PCB levels in East China were commonly higher than those in West China, which might have been due to the widespread consumption of PCBs and intensive human activities in East China.

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The TOP side of the PCB is usually the side where the components are placed and therefore sometimes also called COMPONENT side. However more often, PCB are populated on both sides and thus is the naming TOP more clear as definition.

What is 5G PCB? ›

While 4G PCBs utilize a baseband unit, remote radio unit, antenna, copper wire and fiber optics, 5G PCBs have centralized and decentralized units with broadband control units and mobile edge computing. 5G PCBs also require more base stations because — despite higher frequencies — more coverage and antennas are needed.

What is a 6 layer PCB? ›

An Introduction to a 6 Layers PCB

A typical 6 layer PCB stack-up features the following six layers: two internal layers, two external layers, and two internal planes— one for the power and other for the ground. This design improves EMI, and offers better routing for low and high-speed signals.

Why is PCB green in Colour? ›

Did you know that the vast majority of PCB's are green? But, why are printed circuit boards green? It is due to the solder mask, which protects the copper circuits printed on the fibre glass core to prevent short circuits, soldering errors, etc. The colour of the solder mask gives the board its appearance.

Where are most PCBs made? ›

Most manufacturing is done abroad, but US-based companies dominate technology and design services for PCBs. There are, however, several international firms that offer competitive PCB services.

Does India manufacture PCB? ›

Most Indian manufacturers adopt the 'high mix – medium volume' strategy, in which different types of PCBs are manufactured in low to medium volumes. There are around 200 PCB manufacturers in India, and more than 60 per cent of them are very small and in the unorganised sector.

Are PCB made in India? ›

Printed circuit boards or PCBs are an integral part of most of today's electronics and consumer products, from industrial robots to automobiles to toasters. While many are manufactured in China, there are a growing number of PCB manufacturing companies in India to choose from.

Who made the first PCB? ›

The printed circuit boards (PCBs) used in today's electronics equipment were first designed and developed in the 1930s. In 1936, Austrian inventor Paul Eisler developed the first PCB to operate a radio system, based on a circuit design originally patented by Charles Ducas.

Which industry uses PCB? ›

PCBs are a critical part of the telecommunications industry. They're necessary for consumer devices such as smartphones but also for the infrastructure that enables those devices to work. The telecom sector uses a wide variety of types of PCBs because of the many different types of equipment used in the industry.

Which metal is mostly used in PCB? ›

The main metals in PCBs are copper used as an electric current conductor (paths on laminate and parts of electric connectors and electronic elements), and tin used in solder for connections between elements and tracks on the board.

What is PCB oil? ›

Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) are a group of manmade chemicals. They are oily liquids or solids, clear to yellow in color, with no smell or taste. PCBs are very stable mixtures that are resistant to extreme temperature and pressure.


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